Movie & screenshot of iTunes 8's new visualizer experience moving beautifully according to the song being played

New 4 th generationIPod nanoSecond Generation "IPod touchWas announcedITunes 8So beautiful graphics move according to the song "Visualizer"Is also renewed, and beautiful graphics such as spheres, ribbons and lights will move according to the song being played.

So, I actually tried this, but it is pretty beautiful and awesome content that I can not compare with those of my past. It is supposed to play on the playlist, or if the songs are played continuously, the patterns are changing one by one and it is very nice feeling.

Movie playback of HD size that moves really beautifully according to the song is from the following.
This is the new visualizer of iTunes 8. The song is original.

There are other patterns as below

To display this visualizer, select "Visualizer" from "View" in iTunes 8 and choose "iTunes Visualizer"

Then just select "Show Visualizer"

Then the Visualizer will be displayed like this. Full screen display is also possible.

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