"Pandemic": The simulator of explosive virus infection

Be the virus and conquer the world, which means the death to all mankind.

Read on for detail.


The horror-movie like title

The game objective is to destroy all mankind in 200 days. The left gauge shows the dangerousness of the virus. "Go" button to make a day elapse. Right bottom icon to toggle "virus customize" window.

The customize window. The left column shows the Lethality to human body. The middle center column shows how viruses transmits from human to human. Features like coughing well increases the virus's infectivity. But it also raises virus's visibility, which leads human to take some anti-virus action, like vaccine development.

North America: 225 infected and 68 dead. "Public transit" is still on so the infected individuals move around and spread the virus.

The virus begin to cross borders and start to infect other countries.

Airway is important way to infect.

If you made your virus too visible, the human closes its border and airports to stop further infection.

No infection on West Europe.

So we went over. Now there are 576,673 dead all over the world.

All in all, mankind have extincted in 90 days or so. The key is to infect as fast as you can. In order to do so, keep low visibility and lethality not to make human notice it..After you infected all the countries, then raise its lethality.

There's a sequel "Pandemic 2" with more features you can tweek on. If you are interested, give it a try.

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