Iraq's intersection where the signal is not functioning

Despite having a considerable traffic volume, the signal is not functioning so it is in a state of high quality. I think that it is quite dangerous, but people who are walking by walking around while the horn is ringing can also see a chillahora.

Details are as below.
It is hard to get out if you go down in the middle.
YouTube - Iraqi traffic jam

It seems that Hanvie of the American army pushes such Iraqi road. There is already anything.
YouTube - Humvee Traffic Driving in Baghdad

This is Indian T-junction with no signal.
YouTube - India Driving

Intersection of Hanoi, Vietnam. There are many pedestrians on the motorcycle and it is flowing pretty neatly.
YouTube - Hanoi traffic

The intersection of even bigger Vietnam.
YouTube - Traffic Jam

As expected, traffic accidents are like everyday happiness when there is so much traffic, and the strength of luck is important in Hanoi.

National Ethnographic Museum | Masao Kashinaga "Gentiles of Hanoi"

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