It turns out that the new coronavirus may be infected via feces



The new coronavirus, which has been spreading mainly in Wuhan, China since 2019, has strong infectivity and the number of infected people is rapidly increasing . Meanwhile, it has been pointed out that the new coronavirus may be spread by the fecal-oral route , in which the virus contained in the feces of the infected person infects other people through the oral cavity.

Clinical Characteristics of 138 Hospitalized Patients With 2019 Novel Coronavirus–Infected Pneumonia in Wuhan, China | Critical Care Medicine | JAMA | JAMA Network

Latest Study Suggests The New Coronavirus Is Also Spreading Via Feces

The main routes of transmission of the new coronavirus are thought to be droplet infection due to coughing of infected persons and contact infection due to direct contact with patients. However, doctors who responded early on when the new coronavirus was discovered focused primarily on fever and respiratory illness, so `` may be overlooking digestive tract-related symptoms. '' That.

According to a new paper published by a Chinese research team, 14 out of 138 patients admitted to a hospital in Wuhan said, 'Symptoms of diarrhea and nausea occurred one or two days before symptoms such as fever and cough occurred. Was found. In addition, the first patient infected with the new coronavirus in the United States also experienced poor bowel movements for two days, and subsequent tests found that the virus was detected in the stool.

The new coronavirus has some characteristics similar to

SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) , whose infection spread from 2002 to 2003, and it has been pointed out that SARS may also be transmitted by the fecal-oral route. You. For example, in 2003, a case of a diarrhea- causing SARS patient in a condominium in Xiamen Garden, Hong Kong reportedly spread to hundreds of people through sewers.



'The new coronavirus found in feces may spread through the fecal-oral route,' said Jiayu Liao , a bioengineer at the University of California at Riverside .

However, with regard to fecal transmission, it is also important how long the new coronavirus can survive outside the body.Liao said, `` Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) can live only 30 minutes outside the body. Hmm. ' He also suggested that the temperature range over which the new coronavirus can be transmitted could be a key to predicting the spread of infection.

Benjamin Neuman , a virology expert at the Texas A & M University , warned that fecal transmission was 'considered worthwhile,' but as per conventional data, droplet infections and contaminated infections from infected individuals were warned. He claims that touching the eyes, nose, and mouth with a hand that touches the surface may be the main route of transmission of the new coronavirus.

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