A fear creeping up invisible, a murderer who eats the brain Ameba

I often saw Ameba in an elementary school science textbook, but in the world there seems to be a murderer ameba who eats the human brain. How do you intrude into the body and eat the brain?

Details are from the following.Brain-Eating Amoeba Strikes in Summer

American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)Announced last year that six people died by the brain eating ameba. This brain eating amoeba lives in warm freshwater, and in addition to lakes and rivers, there are cases that it may be inhabited in hot springs and pools as well.

The brain eating amoeba invades the body from the nose and enters the cranial nerves through the olfactory nerve. And it is like a mouth called "food cup" that brains brain cells and blood cells and destroys brain cells. It is said that it efficiently eats brain cells by secreting enzymes and proteins that dissolve brain cells.

Infection with this ameba leads to death in 7 to 10 days. Headaches, fever, nausea, stiff shoulders, etc. occur as early symptoms. Then the mental state became confused, it became visible to hallucinations, eventually leading to death. Moreover, it is very unlikely that it will be saved when infected, and since 1938, only about 8 people have been saved from 121 cases of infection.

Although there are no damage cases in this year, the American Center for Disease Control and Prevention is urging people to swim with a nostril. Also, when swimming in lakes, rivers etc, urge us to stir the bottom with your feet.

I am going to swim in the pool or the lake for the summer, but I am very worried.

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