World new record, Pentium 4 achieved overclocking to 8 GHz

Intel 's CPU, Pentium 4, now replaced by the next - generation Intel Core series, seems to have overclocked 3 GHz ones up to 8 GHz. It goes without saying that this is a world new record.

In Japan as well, there are examples that challenged 5 GHz overclocking by using the same CPU in the past.

Details are as follows.
OC Team Italy sets a new world record at 8 GHz! | NordicHardware

According to this article, Pentium 4 631 was used for overclocking. As a result of cooling with liquid nitrogen and adjusting the voltage, it seems that it was able to clock up to 8 GHz.

Here is a forum that details experiment results.

Thu G strikes again! P4 631 @ 8000 mhz - Xtreme Systems Forums

In Japan, TWOTOP of the PC shop in the past is trying to overclock to 5 GHz or not.

Try OC tolerance of Pentium 4 631. - TWOTOP Blog

Still moreIn an article that I covered earlier, Intel Core Duo which clocked up to 3.4 Ghz was higher than Pentium 4 which clocked up to 7.2 Ghz was faster, but when overclocking the Core 2 Quad processor equipped with the latest four cores, What kind of performance will it ...?

By the way, the following link is detailed about Pentium 4.

Pentium 4 - Wikipedia

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