Successfully cancellation of the overclocking restriction of the unmarked Skylake "Core i 3", performance improvement looks like this

The Intel CPU is a 2nd generation Intel Core processor "Sandy BridgeSince the series, overclocking (OC) is possible only with models with codename "K", in low-priced Core i3 series the model with K was not released, OC was in an impossible state. However, motherboard manufacturersASRock, But with the update of BIOS (UEFI) the 6th generation Intel Core processor "SkylakeSuccessfully cancellation of OC restriction of Core i 3 of the series. I received a report on OC function release from Core i 3 from ASRockTechSpotBut, I got the Core i3 - 6100 OC and checked its performance up.

Exclusive: Overclocking Locked Intel Skylake CPUs is Now Possible, Tested - TechSpot

The one used for OC of Muji Core i 3 is ASRock's gaming motherboard "Fatal1ty Z170 Gaming K6"

It is compatible with OC of Core i3 with the latest BIOS version "L1.92".

TechSpot dared to perform OC test in the environment of Core i 3 - 6100, 8 GB DDR 4 - 3000 memory, Crucial MX 200 (1 TB) storage, CPU cooler Noctua NH - D 14, Windows 10 Pro. In order to maximize OC, I use a graphic board (GTX 960) without using the built-in graphics function of the CPU.

In conclusion, the core voltage of CPU was OC at 1.35 V (1.360 V on CPU-Z) from the default 100 MHz to 127 MHz, and it was able to be used stably at clock number of 4.7 GHz about. "We achieved 1 GHz OC from the rating, which is not bad," says TechSpot. In addition, it is impossible to raise the magnification by BIOS update, it seems to be possible to increase the base clock by OC.

The results of measuring the performance of Core [email protected] GHz with various benchmarks and software are as follows.

·Cinebench R 15
Based on the score of Cinebench R15, the single thread performance is greatly increased to 25% in rated ratio and 24% in multithread performance. The OC Core i3-6100 exceeds the rated Core i 5 - 4430 and you can see that the multi thread performance and the same degree of AMD FX - 8320E are overwhelmed with single thread performance.

·Sandra 2015
By OC at base clock up, you can see that the memory bandwidth is up like the OC of upgrading the old FSB clock.

·7 ZIP Benchmark
It achieves the same level as Core i 5 - 4430 even at 7 ZIP compression speed.

· Excel 2013
Comparing Excel's workload time, it is a figure that is thinner than Core i 5-4430 with a performance improvement of 18% in the rated ratio.

· Adobe Photoshop CC
In Photoshop CC, it will exceed Core i 5-4430.

The speed to encode 720p mkv format movie to MP4 format with HandBrake is almost equal to Core i 5-4430.

·TMPGEnc Video Mastering Works
The speed of converting 1080p mkv movie to MPEG2 with TMPGEnc exceeds Core i 5-4430.

·Civilization Beyond Earth
When comparing the game performance under the same condition with the GTX 960 graphic board, the Core i 3 - 6100 which OC made is exactly the same as Core i 5 - 4430.

·Crysis 3
In Crysis 3, Core [email protected] GHz has a score exceeding Core i 5-4430.

However, sometimes the OC increases the core voltage of the CPU, the power consumption is higher than the Core i 3 - 6100 in the rated state, as well as the Core i 5 - 4430.

Skylake's Muji Core at the time of article creation Succeeded in OC i 3 OC is only ASRock motherboard,Z170 Pro4,Z170 Pro4S,Z170 Extreme 3Even with the middle range model such as the BIOS update, it corresponds to Core i3 OC. According to TechSpot, it is not limited to Core i 3 that can be done with the corresponding motherboard of ASRock, but entry CPUs such as the less expensive Pentium Dual-Core G 4400 are OK. However, given the need for a relatively high-priced motherboard with the Z170 chipset, TechSpot says the Core i3 series OC will be okay in terms of cost performance.

It seems that future motherboard makers such as ASUS and MSI are expected to be equipped with the same OC function in the mother supporting Skylake series.

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