"Nisshin Foods GooTa Pork Toro Sashimi Noodle" is a soup's mochi

I bought "Nissin Kitty GooTa Pork Toro Sushi Noodle" which is sold at a suggested retail price of 285 yen (tax excluded) from Monday, December 25, 2006. Although it is a red belt package after a long time in the new product, what kind of taste is it?

Details are as below.
Contents is like this.

Place retort cooked goods and liquid soup in hot water and pour hot water into the soup.

After 4 minutes, put in powder soup and liquid soup.

Completed with retort cooked goods.

It is the taste of the bottom, but it feels like I made the soup a little thinner than the famous "heavenly noodles" famous for heavy ramen. Even soup alone, it is rich and very delicious. In addition, because there are more than one sliced ​​chashu, personally, I feel satisfied more than I have one large sliced ​​pork. There are quite a few patterns such as soup, soup and so on are very tasty and others are normal, but all the levels of noodles, soups, utensils, etc. are producing great harmony this time. It may be the best in the past.

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