"Nisshin Fudan GooTa Pork Shimmer noodle" new release

A new black belt emerges from Nissin's "GooTa" and it is said that it will sell at a suggested retail price of 285 yen from Monday, September 25, 2006. . A couple noodles of GooTa with a barbecued pizza have ever appeared, but the size was small with a set with eggs. But this time the baked pork biscuit noodles put large-sized chassee and seems to be taste-making accordingly.

Details are below.- This time the details are black belts! New appliances appear! -
Non-fried bowl shaped cup noodle
"Nissin Kitapato GooTa Pork Shimmer noodle"
Information on new release

(1) Men
The supple round female of a new texture finished with the non-fried recipe is characterized by gentle waves and crispy teething on the surface.
(2) soup
A clear chicken broth soy sauce soup featuring scent of onion. We carefully selected the soup that you can taste the ingredients' charcoal shirt more delicious.
(3) Material
A retort stew with chewy response of roast type baked carefully at high temperature. Stuffed meat in a net, soaked in seasoning liquid overnight, and then baked in an oven, finished in a grilled pork with a solid texture. You can enjoy the deliciousness of the meat, which is different from the boiled retort petri dish

It is a place to worry about the small variety of ingredients, but it seems to be a ramen that focused on pulling out the taste of chashued anyhow. Will the black belt become a specialized series for something?

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