The first Windows 95 CM Movie

It is now a Windows 95 CM movie whose tears can only be overwhelmed by nostalgia. At that time in Japan there was something Windows 95 TV commercials flowing ...? Because it is hardly remembered, has not this kind of CM been in Japan?

Playback is from the following.
YouTube - Windows 95 Commercial

Also, some people who have never touched Windows 95 at that time may not know, so they are introduced for the time being. At that time Windows 95 included the following image movie. It was created to appeal Windows' innovative points, but it is quite awesome quality.

YouTube - Microsoft Windows 95 by Bill Plympton

YouTube - Microsoft Windows 95 Welcome # 2 by Joan Gratz

YouTube - Microsoft Windows 95 Welcome # 3

Moreover, it seems that such a commercial was also made. At that time, we had launched a lot of propaganda offensive that we could link to that "start" button relation anyhow. Will Windows Vista also advertise on TV?

YouTube - Windows 95 launch video 60s

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