I tried to eat all Meiji Seika's "56 kinds of chocolate" at the risk of living ~ The second part ~

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Finally I finished eating from number 1 to number 24 in the morning, but all of the editing staff got strangely excited by massive intake of cacao which is not ordinary too much. Therefore, GIGAZINE editorial department decided to take a rest for two and a half hours. Finally the place name series whose meaning is unknown is over, and there are lots of unique chocolate from here. I was reluctant to say, "Where there is a difference from now," I was disgusted with the series that I could not judge the taste paralyzed any longer so far. However, the future was hell ...

So please enjoy the final report of the trilogy which depicts the trajectory leading up to GIGAZINE editorial extinction.
25 to 28. From here it keeps its distinctive taste.

25 th piece: brown sugar
Very tasty brown sugar, it tastes good. But there are voices that I do not want to eat more than two. It is a taste of quite dark brown sugar.

26th piece: Wakasan train
Wasabi used for luxury Japanese confectionery. It's kind of elegant sweetness and it looks like a pretty Japanese sweet but the texture is chocolate. Sweetness to be healed.

27 th sheet: honey
...... the viscosity is high. Although it was healed by Wakamibyo until a while ago ... It tastes like honey is kneaded in. It is felt stubborn. I do not feel like taste of honey is not so much. I regress and regress only the viscosity of honey.

28 th piece: Maple sugar
The smell of maple is tremendous. But the taste is chocolate. Sweet + sweet and ridiculous. It seems that it will be amazing if you put it on top of hot cake ... or this is overkill.

29 to 32, this time the milk series.

29th sheet: Hokkaido milk
It is super delicious. My mouth feel is also mellow. Or rather ordinary milk chocolate, but it was so delicious as I had been eating metamorphic chocolate until now. It is said that they are plentifully using whole milk powder from Hokkaido. This is good.

30th piece: European milk
A slightly refreshing milk chocolate. Use whole milk powder. Milk taste is lighter but mild than before. I feel light.

31st piece: Hokkaido high milk
Feeling to become more dense and clasp. Use whole milk from Hokkaido. There is quite a mild. This is also delicious.

32nd sheet: European Hi-milk
I feel sweeter than Hokkaido. Then, I will catch on. Good vibes. Use whole milk powder.

33 to 36, still a milk series that will continue.

33rd sheet: Hokkaido white chocolate
It is insanely sweet. A heavy and rich sweetness. When it reaches the throat, moisture is taken away. Truly white chocolate. Until now everyone was brown, but this is white.

34th piece: European white chocolate
Taste like milky darkened 100 times. It is the sweetest so far. Sticky to sweetness. It is tasty, but this is obviously too sweet.

35 th piece: cheese
Mine, completely mine. The mixture of cheese salty and cacao sweetness remained in the upper jaw forever to the strongest taste. Screaming echoing through the editorial department. The smell is amazing, cheese as well. TASKEY!

36 th sheet: condensed milk
Is the taste of caramel, condensed milk ...? The damage we ate with the cheese will be healed.

37 to 40 is an unusual series.

37th piece: Matcha
The taste of Uji green tea. I feel a fruity aroma besides Matcha for a while at a glance, but it is certainly a matcha when I see raw materials. I feel very calm. I like Japan.

38th piece: almond praline
It is very matched. Shimizumi A dish that feels "good". Almond praline and cacao worn by caramel. Crushed almonds are delicious.

39th piece: Strawberry
The taste of sweet and sour strawberries is tasty. I heard that you are using lyophilized strawberry powder. I like the refreshing taste and my favorite. I realized that strawberry chocolate was so tasty.

40th piece: Royal milk tea
It tastes very royal and milky tea. It is a white chocolate base, but it does not feel so dark. The fragrance of tea is very matched. I want to eat something normal.

41 to 44. There is a gradual and unpleasant feeling.

41st piece: Orange
It's not orange like marmalade but a feeling like orange of liqueur. Expecting to be sweet and out. Taste of orange peel crumbly. Citrus sour taste is strong. Aftertaste is quite good, it is tough.

42 th piece: black pepper
It seems to be a combination of black pepper and cacao in Maya. It feels kind of a messy combination, but very delicious. Delicious. It is not a taste I want to eat a lot at one stroke, but it is delicious as it matches the smell of grilled plain and black pepper. However, half of the editorial staff seems to be "out", so it seems to be the taste for people to choose.

43rd piece: Cinnamon
Texture of placing cinnamon powder in the plague. In other words it is too much .... It is Nikki taste. It seems to be a combination of many chocolates in Latin America. What is being used is "Ceylon cinnamon" of refreshing sweetness and faint spicyness. Somehow Latin taste.

44th piece: Red chilli
A spicy spicy chocolate. I am sweet when I first entered my mouth, but when I pass through my throat I will come hot. A taste with pretty likes and dislikes. An editorial staff knockout.

At this point extremists will begin to appear that "We should take over the head of the responsible person who gave a go-ahead to this series."

From 45 to 48, at first glance it is normal.

45th piece: Jasmine
The fragrance of jasmine is very strong, it feels like making jasmine tea thick. I rush up to my nose at the moment I ate it. It seems that it was a chocolate that Italian Tuscan archduke Komodji III liked. Three quarters of the editorial department judged that the fragrance is too tight. I like it very much ....

46th piece: Vanilla spicy
Large damage definite. The moment I ate it is sweet, so suddenly it suffers tremendous hotness when I am careless. Based on vanilla, she seems to use cinnamon, clove and other spices. It seems to have been used since the Aztec era. Although it seems that Spaniards were also fascinated, half of the editorial staff got sunk and the other half damaged greatly. This is tight. Who are you the one who made this? It is!

47th piece: Rose
There is nothing wrong, but it feels like eating a scented bub of roses. It is crisp. The scent is quite strong. Also, it seems that people with a strong sense of smell are receiving damage.

48th sheet: mint
According to the editorial department's mint love ___ ___ ___ 0 Somehow it is sharp. I do not feel much umami of mint. It smells mint, but it does not have much taste of mint so it looks strange.

49 - 52, already.

49th piece: lavender
There is nothing to say as chocolate, but the fragrance of lavender is like a fragrance in the room ... It seems that you want a smell of slightly elegant lavender. People who have a strong image of fragrance seems awful, but it might be good for people who like lavender. Maybe I want you to make it fresh a bit better.

50th piece: Basil
I feel like a side dish. Or scent is terribly terrible. This does not match chocolate. Shaking tremors run in the editorial department. It already has a great damage at this point. The face color of one of the editing members suddenly changed. Will it be okay?

51st sheet: Lemon salt
The lemon flavor is very refreshing and tasty, but the salty taste of the Andean rock salt .... One piece of kore .... At this point the consciousness starts to be stunned. I feel sleepy or strangely awareness of consciousness. Obviously strange air flows into the editing department.

52nd sheet: black vinegar
I got bad opinions, such as bad, uncomfortable, not hurting like this. I want you to forgive. It feels like raising raisins to a certain extent. Shigakya. Although I may like whom I like, the habit is strong.

Last, 53 to 56. Everyone seems to cry. I want to go home already.

53rd sheet: collagen
It is an indescribable taste reminiscent of beer yeast, calcium tablets, micro diet powder, protein, etc. Taste of powder supplement. What is this ...?.

54th piece: black five
Black sesame, black rice, black soybean, black karin, the taste of black pine nuts blended. The black sesame taste is strong.

55th piece: Meiji Sweet 1926
Recipe at the time that was released in 1926. A normal chocolate. Mental fatigue and physical relief healing with chocolate attack so far. I mean, the taste and smell are so messy.

56th piece: Meiji Milk 1926
Very gentle, delicious taste. It is very tasty. I am going to cry. The air of the editorial department who was badly hit by the series which started running from the west Sanbon Festival around the story is no longer a defeated soldier at this point. It is already.

So it is all I've eaten 56 kinds, but it is obviously not the amount to eat in a day. At most eight types will be the limit in a day. Or you can eat it when you party with others. Anyway, it will be ridiculous if you challenge with a few experts. Some suffered from complexion, the condition changed suddenly after a while finishing up to the last 56 sheets, and taking care of gastrointestinal medicine. Some could not move from the spot and needed an hour's rest before they could move. Some people say that I am fine like someone who is writing this ... .... Apparently it seems to depend on whether you are eating such a chocolate relationship from usual or whether the olfaction is sensitive. Because scent is quite rich, sensitive people seem to have greater damage. Also, it is better to refrain from eating continuously. I heard that it is somewhat dangerous to eat a large amount of chocolate or a lot of chocolate, but this is nothing .... I omit it, but some people were suffering from abnormal sleepiness on the way, causing various physical condition changes. Even if the blood pressure rises or the face turns red. So, let 's have moderate and eat little by little .....

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