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Meiji Seika 's "100% chocolate cafeGIGAZINE editorial department who was interested in "Successfully filling up the order form while struggling, finally fulfill the order. And on the morning of December 13, ... I finally forgot that I ordered "56 kinds of chocolate" finally arrives. However, it was the beginning of the most harsh tragedy in the history of the food taste report so far ....

So, please enjoy the middle part of the report of the life-giving report without joking. Never imitate a person whose gastrointestinal weakness is weak.
Well, when opening the box that arrived, you can see message cards and instructions first like this

The actual chocolate is like this. Almost cushioning material.

I tried out everything that was inside

This is a message card. It is what I entered at the last order.

Content of the message. Another editorial staff who was not told about this fact saw kore and was exclaiming for a moment. Apparently it seems I made a mistake with a message from Meiji Seika.

Instructions with explanations of each chocolate are written. These are often attached to luxury chocolate.

In addition, coasters, cups etc. are added with bonus. Somehow you can taste the feeling of a cafe at home.

There are 8 boxes in all. The contents contain eight chocolates each and it overlaps like this.

I tried arranging them all. It is spectacular.

So I decided to continue eating chocolate for a while. From here, please enjoy it in the live reporting style. I actually made notes in real time while eating.

Firstly 1 to 4.

There is an explanatory note on the reverse side.

Contents is like this

Characters are engraved on the surface of each chocolate

The back side looks like this

Well, I will eat it ....

1st piece: Cote d'Ivoire
Feeling quite heavy. It's a bit more sweeter than bitter chocolate. Feeling that drinking is going to fit.

2nd sheet: Ghana
Taste of a quite familiar feeling. The taste is obviously different from the coat Ivoire. Although some taste of imported chocolate somehow, this is certainly the domestic chocolate taste.

Third piece: Madagascar
According to the explanation "There is a sharp acidity like fruit", but it is certainly quite tasty as it is. Fresh fresh sweetness like a fruit. If you use this as a main ingredient, will you get messed up?

4th piece: Cameroon
It seems to be prized as for cocoa. It seems to have a strong bitterness but it feels delicious as it tastes like cocoa. The first one is the most bad at the moment.

Break once here. Editorial staff who reconfirm that there is even number 56 and scream. The battle has just begun.

5 to 8. The place name series continues.

5th piece: Tanzania
It seems to be fruity like dry fruit, but it is close to the third Madagascar. After all this line is tasty.

6th piece: Sao Tome
Cacao of a small island "Sao Tome" floating in Guinea bay in Africa. The taste is sweet and sour, and its fragrance is strong. It is said to be the smell of herbs, but it felt like a mixture of lemon grass and cocoa. The fragrance of each of them has been considerably different, but this is unusual.

7th piece: Mexico
The taste of chocolate that I have eaten somewhere before. Somehow jelly jelly texture is strong. A fruity scent and a strong bitter characterize it as a feature, but it is obviously a memory that there was such a taste of chocolate in some kind of sweets ... ....

8th piece: Costa Rica
Somehow greasy texture. Adhesive taste clings to the mouth. It is a nutty and heavy flavor, but it is quite heavy indeed.

Next, 9 to 12. It is still place name series.

9th piece: Colombia
The scent of herb-like chocolate. It seems that they use Trinitario type cocoa beans from Colombia, but it can not say anything. It may be that the taste is no longer paralyzed.

10th piece: Venezuela Andean
Venezuelan republic Andean mountain range Mountains using the criollo cacao beans exclusively in the Yamane area. A creamy taste and a fairly bitter scent live together, and it has a distinctly different taste than the one ever.

11th piece: Suldeago (Venezuela)
Cacao of the Republic of Venezuela Sul De Lago (Hunan side of Maracaibo). Clearly speaking, there are characteristics of taste fluttering and taste of almond chocolate. Or taste of almonds. This is amazing, intense. I think that almonds are mixed.

12th piece: Tuao (Venezuela)
I taste like all the chocolates I have mixed. It is not very tasty. , But in fact this valuable cocoa bean from Vujuera's Republic Tua Valley (written as one of the three valleys in Venezuela), which is very close to the original species of "Criolos" which is said to be one of the finest varieties I heard that. Well, so why do you mix such a mixture?

13 to 16. Place name series too much. How much is there?

13th piece: Okumare (Venezuela)
The taste of luxury chocolate. It seems that it will become high-end chocolate if there is no bitterness or acidity. In fact, this also uses the rare cacao beans that produce Okumare Valley (one of the three valleys of Venezuelan phantom, again) as the same as the previous one. Is there another thing to say ... ....

14th piece: Choroni (Venezuela)
It seems that it is a cacao bean in the Choroni valley adjacent to the Chua Valley ... What is that? And the taste can only be said to be just bitter chocolate with no character ... It is really just a chocolate taste.

15th piece: Ecuador
Cacao beans of Ariba species (Nacional) of the Ecuadorian Republic. At first it is sweet, but when I finish eating it feels bitter astringent left at the ends of the root of my tongue. The aftertaste has a sweet feeling. It is said that it also smells like flowers.

16th piece: Peru
All the members of the editorial agree to "taste of unripe blue fruit". The green part of tomatoes, blue oranges, etc. Aya taste. It has a ripe taste. According to the explanation it seems to be a feminine sweet scent. Indeed, Peru seems to have been said to have originated high-quality Forastero · cacao species.

17 to 20. I would like you to forgive the place name series soon.

17th piece: Brazil
Taste of dusty houses in Japan. The taste of the wilderness. Taste of earth. Anyway, there is a taste of "earth" that makes such expression perfect.

18th sheet: Trinidad and Tobago
Astringency and sourness are not conspicuous as compared with those of the past. Herbish taste, refreshing feeling. At first there is a sweetness of milk chocolate style but astringency comes out lightly in the second half.

19th piece: Dominican Republic
Just no chocolate with no features. I do not know exactly what is different. Tyrole chocolate like. According to the explanation "There is a unique fermentation feeling and sourness", but ... apparently seems to be level so that explanation will not be explained. When I read the explanation written on the back from a little while ago, the same expressions are coming out so I learn murderous intent ....

20th piece: Grenada
Taste of chocolate with no more characteristic than chocolate just before. Taste of chocolate ball. I feel like I was given ordinary chocolate all together. Very safe taste. A bit of sweetness, a bit of sourness and a bit of astringent. Taste not characteristic with Maji that everyone seems to like. Is not it safe or something .... It is said to be from Grenada in the Caribbean.

Finally from 21 to 24.22 the place name series is OK.

21st piece: Java (Indonesia)
The taste of the chocolate of the bargain. Feeling that sweetness is drowning out all the features. It is powdery in hen. It seems to be a dark chocolate with a strong acidity with a thin color, but that is damped.

22nd sheet: Slavesh (Indonesia)
Sweetness lasts till the end. It is surprising that it is sweet until the end of eating so it has changed quite a bit. At the same time acidity will also last properly from the beginning to the end, so there is not much change in taste from putting in the mouth until the end. At this point it begins to understand that the explanation behind the scenes is overtaking and it is not possible to explain.

23rd piece: cacao 70 nib
When eating it feels a little bitter and funny with a strange granular feeling. According to the explanation, it seems to have incorporated cacao beans "cacao nib" that crashed into the blended chocolate of 3 types of cacao. This is pretty tasty. It was pretty fresh as I was disgusted with the series that I do not know how the changes so far have been.

24th piece: Cacao 90 nib
90% of crime no longer cacao. It is already. Powdery, bitter, cocoa spreading in the mouth. Geezy. This is just soil!

"I tried to eat all Meiji Seika's "56 kinds of chocolate" at the risk of living ~ The second part ~Continue to ".

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