Adobe Soundbooth fully automatable composition available Public beta version

It can be used free of charge until February 28, 2007, there are Windows version and MacOS version. There is a tremendous function that not only can easily perform various operations related to audio editing, such as correction of noise, mastering, efficient creation of sound for Flash, and automatically generating songs for a specified time. Since the atmosphere of the song can also be specified, it is possible to generate from mild songs to violent songs in various patterns. I can use it quite a bit because I can specify details such as pulling out the intro.

So, I downloaded it and tried using it immediately. User registration and such are unnecessary, and you can actually download trial sample files for automatic composition.
Download the main body from the bottom of the site below.

Adobe Labs - Downloads Adobe Soundbooth Prerelease

Also, download the files for automatic composition from the following page and unzip it. "New York Night" "River of Unreality" "Slow Dirty Funk" are three.

Adobe Labs - Adobe Soundbooth

First, click "Setup.exe" to launch the installer and click "Next"

Click "Install"

Wait for the installation to finish

Click "Finish"

Then, it starts ... ... This image is displayed during startup

This is the initial startup screen. Recording and sound editing are the same as other similar software.

In order to execute automatic composition which is the greatest point of interest, click "Tasks" → "Create Music" → "Browse Scores" in the left pane

I will designate "NewYorkNight" this time. Select "NewYorkNight.sbst" file in "NewYorkNight" folder and click "Open"

It is displayed like this

You can specify the number of seconds from "Variation"

The tune can be selected from "Preset". "Smooth" means a mild feeling, "high" makes it a more distinct song.

In addition, it is possible to specify whether or not to include intros etc from "Include"

If you click "Export", you can output it in the specified format. You can also save it as a WAVE file.

Music format and bit rate can also be specified on output. Since it is a premise to match songs with movies etc., there are also specifications for the video format.

Outputting ......

After output, it is automatically loaded and displayed with such feeling, so further editing is possible. It is pretty high point to be able to smoothly cooperate around here.

For example, if you want to fade in, intuitive designation is possible because dragging the upper left square changes real-time guts and waveforms. If it is a rectangle in the upper right corner in the opposite direction it will fade out.

In the lower right there are also buttons that can be normalized with a single button, and a function to raise and lower in units of 0.1 db

Also, the waveform display is possible with such feeling, interesting

In fact it is unknown how much the price will be, but if it gets a little more various functions, it will become software that can be used as it is. Since cooperation with the Flash movie is completely enabled, there is a possibility that if you want to match Flash with music you can have tremendous power. Especially the composing function which attracted attention mainly in this time is Third party made in third parties cooperating with Adobe Premiere Although it is already existed in overseas made software, it is easy to handle here and it works smoothly with a unified interface You should be able to appeal enough if you consider what you can do. The sale seems to depend on how much royalty-free sound material that can be used is bundled. If you bundle it for about 2 DVDs, there is a possibility that some people will buy it only for automatic composition software. Because it should be quite advantageous to be able to listen to it as appropriate with songs of moderate length and operate the atmosphere to some extent. Well, what will happen in the final version?

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