Why is the interest rate of the kiwi (New Zealand dollar) high?

Looking at the interest rate table such as foreign currency denominated deposits, the interests of the New Zealand dollar (referred to as kiwi in that industry) and the Australian dollar (called Aussie) are high, but why is the interest rate so high Is it? I examined the reason.

From the conclusion it is because "Because you are in the Southern Hemisphere, you can read the change in exchange rate".

The results of the survey are as follows.
※ Note: Although various elements are actually intertwined, it is explanation about the fundamental origin of the element. This is not an absolute reason, there are many other things. It is an explanation of one of them.

Let's start with the graph below.

New Zealand Dollar: Foreign Exchange: Money · Economy: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

If you look at '1 year chart', it will go down in the summer and will go up in the winter in Japan. Meanwhile, the seasons in New Zealand and Australia are reversed. This is the point.

The major currency units in the southern hemisphere are about New Zealand dollar and Australian dollar. In contrast, the Northern Hemisphere has Japanese Yen, US Dollar, Euro and so on. And, these tourists living in the Northern Hemisphere are pouring together when the Southern Hemisphere is in the summer, in short, when the tourist season comes. To sightsee you need to exchange your country's currency with the country's currency, ie New Zealand dollar or Australian dollar. In other words, it is possible to predict the time when large amounts of exchange of foreign currency occurs, and the time when tourism revenues occur in large amounts.

As a result, as tourists increase in conjunction with the seasons, they start to draw regular curves, especially in Japan, New Zealand and Australia, the seasons are really opposite to each other, so during the period when tourists from Japan increase A lot of exchange between yen and each country's currency occurs. Tourists come this summer! In that way, profits become predictable.

As a result, this trend will not change so easily as long as the rising factor due to this season outnumber other factors.

In addition, this fact was quite small for those who specialize in foreign currency exchange even those who know it. There are some reasons for the numbers to change, there is something wrong, if you do not know the reason and you are looking at only the change in the numbers, it is not good first. be careful.

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