What is the best $ 10 million? Overseas bills where digits are too different

The maximum amount of paper money in Japan is 10,000 yen, but there seems to be a surprising digit banknote in the world. In fact, converting to US dollar or yen is not worth much, but I am amazed at the difference between digits.

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Iran's 50 thousand REAR. About US $ 5 (about 500 yen)

100 thousand rupiah in Indonesia. It is about 11 dollars (about 1100 yen) in the US dollar. About 80% of the original value went down during the Asian financial crisis.

Vietnam's 500 thousand dollar bill. It is about 31 US dollars (about 3300 yen).

A 10 million Zimbabwe dollar note in Zimbabwe. Banknote made due to extreme inflation that inflation rate is 100,000%.

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