Home robot "Net Tancer" which can be operated via the net

The autonomous programming robot "Tanser Borg" is a set of camera units with a camera, remote control is possible while watching the video via wireless LAN. With this, it is possible to apply such as looking around the house in absence, seeing the details of the pet from the outset, etc. Moreover, it seems that voice communication function and image recognition function are also installed.

On Saturday, December 16 (Saturday) at 10:00 am on the Bandai Robotics Research Laboratories homepage sales start acceptance start, the price which is worrisome is 50,000 yen including tax.

Details are as follows.
~ Authentic home robot to assemble by yourself ~ "Net Tancer" Start receiving sales from December 16 Start attaching the camera to "TANSOR BORG" and remotely control with the net | BANDAI | Press release

Bandai Robot Laboratory

Commands can also be remotely controlled by sending mails, and by using the artificial intelligence simple language "Borg script", you can say "take pictures of your pet and reply when you receive an order by e-mail" or " It is possible to take pictures every time something goes through the net tensor, mail to the user 's mobile phone "or" to find a specific family member at the registered time and convey the message ".

If you can move the arm, you can physically manage the home server by remote control, turn on / off the power switch, etc. It seems that the range of applications will expand considerably.

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