NEC develops mobile software for automatic interpreting just by speaking to mobile phone

It seems that NEC has developed automatic interpretation software that works comfortably with a mobile terminal alone for small devices such as mobile phones.

Because you do not need to communicate with an external server, you just translate the words you want to translate to the mobile device, you will immediately translate the Japanese voice into English.

Details are as below.
Developed Japanese-English automatic interpretation software that works comfortably on cellular phone (November 30, 2007): Press Release | NEC

According to this release, the Japanese-English automatic interpretation software developed by NEC for embedded devices such as mobile phones is software that runs comfortably on mobile terminals, and because it operates on a mobile terminal alone,NTT DoCoMo's 905i seriesThe translation application "Talking and translating"You do not need to communicate with an external server like".

Also, since the voice recognition engine, the machine translation engine, etc. are optimized for the CPU and memory of the mobile terminal, the time from the instruction of the translation start to the display of the translation result is about 1 second, respectively, It seems to be realizing the speed of operation.

The number of corresponding terms is 50,000 words and it is said that you can interpret most of the conversation used in regular trip from Japanese to English automatically.

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