"RAPIRO" that can create a humanoid robot that can be programmed and customized using Raspberry Pi

A total of 12ServomotorAnd full-color LED lights and other customizable & programmable robots are "RAPIRO"is. Raspberry Pi can be installed, the price is set low despite the humanoid robot which operates on Linux, it is possible to assemble easily with a screwdriver alone without soldering etc required.

RAPIRO (Lapiro): The Humanoid Robot Kit for your Raspberry Pi

RAPIRO: The Humanoid Robot Kit for your Raspberry Pi by Shota Ishiwatari - Kickstarter

The state that RAPIRO actually moves can be confirmed from the following movie.

Pick up a mug from a coffee maker ... ...

I will carry it with a snack.

It seems there is no need to let go of the PC even while working.

Cleaning RAPIRO.

A total of 12 servo motors are attached to the RAPIRO in the neck, torso, legs, arms, etc., and various actions such as walking and raising the hand are possible.

The inside looks like this. There are one servo motor on the neck, four on both feet and six on the arm.

The outer parts are made of plastic.

The servo is 2.5 kgf - cm for the body, leg and neck, the servo for the arm is 1.5 kgf - cm, the speed is 0.12 s / 60 degrees and the operating angle is 180 degrees.

Full color LED light is used in the eyes, it glows colorfully.

The name "RAPIRO" means "RAspberry PI RObot", and it is possible to mount Raspberry Pi in the head.

Raspberry Pi is a business card-sized single board computer equipped with an ARM processor. Linux is used for OS, and the price is about 50 dollars (about 5000 yen). It is also possible to connect to a PC or speaker, use the LAN cable for the Internet, or use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth via USB.

In addition, the head is designed to mount Raspberry Pi and camera module.

How to install the Raspberry Pi camera module is from the following movie.

RAPIRO: Mounting of a Raspberry Pi camera module - YouTube

The servo control board is compatible with Arduino and can be programmed. You can customize the robot freely by operating RAPIRO from the smartphone via Bluetooth, setting it to notify Twitter and Facebook messages, and monitoring the room while using the camera.

Although the main body is designed to mount PSD distance sensor and speaker, Raspberry Pi, camera module, PSD distance sensor and speaker are not included in kit obtained by Kickstarter's investment.

RAPIRO is set at a price of about one quarter of the current robot kit, 1/10 of the Linux-equipped humanoid robot kit, sample code and 3D data will be released. With 229 pounds (about 30,000 yen) investment, you can get RAPIRO KIT with plastic parts and 12 servo motors, servo control board, RGB LED board, cable and screwdriver set. If shipping outside the UK is necessary, a separate postage of £ 20 (approx. 3000 yen) is required.

The deadline is 5:00 pm on August 19th.

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