Shoot the condition of the domestic cat in the toilet, post it on Twitter automatically and check your safety "Toilet bowie"


What will happen if you track close-ups of cats for 24 hours when there is no owner?Survey that was done in the UK, but it is difficult to move around here even if you want to see the situation of the cats in the house when you go out. So we installed a gadget with a web camera attached to Raspberry Pi in the toilet, automatically posted the image to Twitter when the camera recognizes the cat, and made it possible to check the safety of cats from outside as wellToilet bowl"is.

# RaspberryPi made a love cat's fixed point monitoring gadget 'Toilet bowa' - TEPPEI STUDIO

The computerRaspberry Piuse. Raspberry Pi is a single board computer equipped with an ARM processor that can be bought at around 3000 yen, and seems to have created a toilet by attaching a web camera to Raspberry Pi.

The pet cats we monitored.

Pictures of cats actually taken can be seen from the following movies.

Set up a toilet - YouTube

CreateNikkei Linux "Raspberry Pi" special setBy referring to, motion detection detects a moving object from the web camera image and outputs the moving image file and the still image file to the set directoryMotionI used the software called. furtherRubyIt is said that he wrote the script using and processed it so that it can be automatically posted on Twitter.

The actual tweeted account looks like the following.

Tweets with photos are as follows.

Producer'sTosa TairaIn response to the voice that SNS was effective for confirming the safety during the 2011 disaster, he said he created a gadget to allow Twitter to check the information on the safety of her cats. You can see the state of the cats when you are not at home, so it seems that you can catch a glimpse of the faces of the cats except when it is the case.

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