How to salty popcorn using chemical reaction

If ordinary people apply salt properly, it is over but mad scientist reacts chlorine and sodium and adds saltiness.

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Since it is dangerous, please never manage a good child.

YouTube - Making Salt the Hard Way ... with Fire!

When I asked people in the chemistry major, the thing like white smoke visible in this movie is just water vapor, so it seems that it is impossible to visually check the actually vaporized salt (sodium chloride). This vaporized salt sticks to the popcorn and can be tasted ... ... It is the initial purpose, but for the salt to vaporize1465 degreesAs a result, the net which popcorn was put only by the heat for salt evaporation burns out, and the popcorn also turns into a simple eraser with the reaction heat .... In any case, even if you could spray sprayed salt, popcorn itself burned out quickly with high heat to keep the salt vaporized ... in any case is reckless.

Also, there is a "salt breeze" which is a wind containing salt, but that is not vaporized, it is only the seawater being blown up by the wind and becoming smaller and flying into the air.

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Making Salt the Hard Way - Popular Science

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