I bought Kentucky's "scented fried soy sauce chicken"

usually"Delivery KentuckyOne of the editorial staff runs on a bicycle screaming "I can not take it anymore" etc., Japanese style chicken "Scented fried soy sauce chickenHe bought me.

The taste is tailored with ginger soy sauce and a one-piece red pepper, and the clothing seems to have been covered with baked seaweed, sesame seeds, and hare, but what is it like?

So I tried it.
This time I bought "Scented fried soy sauce chicken" 4 pieces, "Mushroom Oiwa" 1, "Yuba and vegetable soup" 1. "Furifuri potato glue paste" forgot to buy.

This is "scented fried soy sauce chicken". Scent of ginger soy sauce feels good. There is not much spicy taste of red pepper, it is affordable. The fragrance of the clothes is also pretty good. The taste of clothing is important for fried chicken, but it is quite tasty. I am well done. Unlike last time, this is worth the price.

This is "mushrooms oko". Pretty nice scent. The texture is mere rice. Taste is also normal.

The last is "Yuba and vegetable soup".

It also contains chicken dumplings properly. Thanks, I have the same taste as chicken dumpling soup made at home. I guess they all have the same taste when using chicken dumplings ....

So, this "scented fried soy sauce chicken" was a fairly normal evolutionary system in an unusual chicken series. If you make sandwiches with this, it looks delicious.

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