McDonald 's "Mac Lap" is thirsty with turntiy as well as throat

I bought McDonald 's new product "Mac Wrap Chicken Caesar" and "Mac Lap Shrimp Thousand." The prices are not shown on McDonald 's website, but each is 240 yen (tax included).

Details are as follows.


McWrap uniforms.

Chicken Caesar, 325 kcal.

In addition to chicken, lettuce and cheese etc are contained.

I opened a tortilla.

This is Shrimp Thousand, 271 kcal.

It seems that Thousand sauce is full.

It's not that bad if you open it.

I think that it is the right way to eat it by tearing the top of the bag, but because it does not come out well it is easier to disassemble.

Since it was hard to eat, I took out of the bag, but the tortilla's skin is quite thick, so the sauce will never come down.

Chicken caesar is chicken paste and tortilla is also sticky, so mouth dries dry. Shrimp Thousand and Tortilla are also sticking out, but it is not too bad, as it has a shrimp texture. Both of them feel less dressing and sauces.

Both of them ended up with too much tortilla, so I wanted some ingenuity to eat it deliciously.

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