How to make Windows XP Home Windows XP Professional

If you have the installation CD of Windows XP Home at hand, it seems that you can do almost the same as "Windows XP Professional" just by trying hard and changing many things. I can not believe it in the face ... ....

The procedure is as follows.
Technipages Computer Support - Hack to Change Windows XP Home to Windows XP Professional

First of all, it is necessary to pre-apply the CD image of Windows XP Home to SP2. You can do it easily with the following software.

Window Forever - SP + manufacturer

Then copy the root directory and i386 directory to the hard disk. Next, use this software to extract the boot sector.

BBIE - Bart's Boot Image Extractor

In Registry Editor, select HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. Extract from "File" → "Load Hive" earlier and load "" which is supposed to be in i386 folder. Then move to the following key.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Homekey \ ControlSet001 \ Services \ setupdd

Select the binary "DEFAULT" key, change "01" to "00" and "02" to "00". Further, write back this "HOMEKEY" with "File" → "Unload hive" and it is completed. After that it seems to be completed if you burn this as a CD image.

I do not know if it actually becomes XP Pro in this procedure, so I do not know, but how does this work?

By using "Windows XP Professional upgrade package" which was previously sold by Microsoft, you can make Windows XP Home definitely Windows XP Professional 100% certainly.

Microsoft Windows XP: Home Edition to Professional Upgrade Guide

Since selling has ended on January 31, 2003, it may be difficult to obtain it. The estimated retail price is 12,800 yen.

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