How to cleanly install the upgraded version of Windows Vista

Windows Vista has a regular version and an upgrade version, and the upgrade version which can upgrade existing XP to Vista is cheap. Although it is supposed to be a difficult point ...... that it is not possible to install newly, it seems that it is apparently installable in overseas, even if it is an upgrade version, if it goes through a certain procedure it seems that it can be installed just like the regular version.

Truth is unknown because it is a regular version at hand, but the method for clean installing the upgrade version is as follows.
DailyTech - Workaround Discovered For "Clean Install" With Vista Upgrade DVDs

1. Start setup on Windows Vista upgrade DVD

2. Do not enter the product key and click "Next" to proceed with the installation. This will install the trial version of Vista for 30 days

3. Since I select the edition of Vista I purchased, I choose the edition actually purchased

4. Once installation is complete here, the installation program continues and starts from Vista itself

5. Since you are urged to enter the product key at this point, enter the key

6. Select "Custom" here to perform a clean installation (that is, the second installation will be started)

7 After the second installation is completed, shift to activation as usual. It is complete. There is also a directory called Windows.old, and there is Vista that I installed the first time here. It is unnecessary and it may be deleted.

I can not verify it because I do not have an upgrade at hand, but as a reason I will say that I will upgrade the trial version for 30 days, is this procedure? No, but that's not the case, is this ...?

In addition, as examined by Amazon, it is now as follows. All taxes included.

Windows Vista Ultimate regular edition: 46,100 yen
Windows Vista Ultimate Upgrade version: 20,980 yen

I bought a DSP version at Yodobashi Camera Umeda store, but the price at that time is as follows. This also includes tax.

Windows Vista Ultimate regular version (DSP version): 26,980 yen

Obviously you had better buy the DSP version, in the present situation.

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