Swimsuit for women who is easy to swim and has less exposure "CONFIRM CUT"

Though swimsuits like swimsuits for swimming are easy to swim, the exposure is high, and when you suppress the exposure, this time the back is closed so it is difficult to swim.

So it seems to be a swimwear for ladies based on extremely thoughtful idea that it is easy to swim and keep exposure as low as possible.

Details are as follows.
Easy to swim, but the exposure is moderate swimsuit
"Conformal cut" new release from "Arena"

Release is from late August, the price is 9030 yen including tax. Besides gray × oranges in the photograph, the color has marine × pink, gray × blue, black × black.

Please see the figure below to see what the difference is compared with that for concrete use for swimming or fitness.

Saying that there are certainly differences like .... The material itself is thick and has a material that is hard to see through, and this point is similar to fitness. I wonder what, I guess.

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