New function applied sweet technology Confectionery "Fuwari Gum Soft Candy"

I also covered it in GIGAZINE previously"Otoko fragrant." GumIt is the same as soft gums and soft candies that produce fragrance ingredients from the body when you eat. From September 4th, renewal launched in supermarkets nationwide, convenience stores, drug stores, station shops and so on. There are two kinds of lineups, fresh citrus and fruity rose. 126 yen.

Details are as follows.~ Achieve sales of 1.2 billion yen, which is 3 times the annual sales plan in the first year of launch! ~
Fluffy nut
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The flavoring mechanism itself is the same as "gum flavor" gum, it seems to be a mechanism that absorbs fragrance ingredients from the intraoral and intestinal tracts by ingestion of fragrance ingredient-containing foods and fragrance ingredients diverge with sweat from the sweat glands of the skin .

This time it was developed based on the new encapsulation technology, it is said that it became a product more fragrant by blending capsule fragrance which contains a lot of fragrant ingredients and gradually releases fragrance.

Even though I thought that "Furin linka" before renewal and "Otoko fragrant" picked up last time were explosively sold, it seems that there are many people who care about their smells rather than they thought.

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