The fragrance ingredient became 1.7 times and "Otoko fragrant." Renewed

When it was released the last time it was awesome selling and it disappeared from the shop in the blink of an eye, it is said that gum "Otoko fragrant" which fragrance ingredient diverges from body when it eats up will be renewed with power up.

Let's secure the person who you want as soon as you see it.

Details are as follows.
Kanebo Foods Co., Ltd. | Product Information | Sweets | Otoko smells.

The taste is based on the rose taste and rose menthol taste with mint added to apple and lychee. The aroma component "geraniol" contained in the rose is blended 1.7 times as compared with the conventional product, and microcapsules are also compounded in order to increase the diffusibility of the scent. Furthermore, it seems that the shape was changed from grain gum to plate gum to increase taste sustainability.

Incidentally the price also increased from 126 yen for tax included last time to 158 yen for tax. It is said that it will be on sale from March 19th (Monday) at convenience stores and station stores in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama.

It is a pity that we became limited regional sales from nationwide sale, but because the production system has not overtaken the reason why we stopped sales before, can not it be helped?

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