I tried comparing drinking with regular version · thick dumplings with Tokuho Iemon "special tea" which decomposes fat

When saying Tokuho's green tea, Kao'sHealthya green teaIs famous, but a classic brand of PET bottle green tea Ieemon is designated as a food for specified health use (Tokuho)Special teaWe are on sale from October 1 (Tue). The special tea seems to decompose fat when drinking continuously, and it is made to stick to the taste such as using tea leaves of long-established tea ceremony "Fukuzuen" in Kyoto. Aside from the functional aspect, I tried drinking and comparing three types of Ienemon "special tea", regular version, thick type, what kind of feeling is the key part of the taste.

Suntory green tea "Ieemon gate special food (food for specified health use)" newly released News Release Suntory Food International

Atmosphere that package of special tea followed the design of regular version of Iemon gate.

Looking at the three kinds, it looks like this.

The special tea contains ingredients of enjiju which are said to activate lipolytic enzymesQuercetinGlucoside is blended.

It is green tea focusing on fat decomposition.

Certification mark of specified health food for consumption permitted by consumer authority is printed.

The calorie is 0 kilocalorie and the content of catechin is 230 mg.

Raw materials include green tea, enzyme treated isoquercitrin.

I will pour it into the glass at once. Especially the fragrance does not spread.

The difference in color is clear when looking at three types of Iemon. I will drink from special tea

Although it is green tea, thought that it is green tea, it feels like eating shoulder watermark when drinking. There is somewhat bitterness, it seems to be tea, but it seems not to be like green tea to choose by taste, it seems that compatibility with Japanese sweets looks bad. Just a strong habit is not felt, so it seems to be good for drinking with greasy or drinking after a meal.

The regular version of Ieemon has few astringents, like watering green tea making it the easiest to drink among the three types. Because there is Matcha, there is a peculiar umami different from other PET bottle products. The content of catechin is 180 mg.

The darker catechin contains 370 mg, which is the most abundant of the three kinds, and it has a strong taste as its name suggests. When drinking with sweet Japanese confections etc, it seems to be the most suitable among three kinds.

The price of Tokuho's Iemon "special tea" is 170 yen by tax, and it is said that the Suntory Health Science Research Laboratories, which is focusing on health food business such as glucosamine, was involved in development.

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