'Suntory I-Eemon Plus Cholesterol Countermeasures' combines a refreshing taste with the aroma of green tea

Functional display food 'I- Edaemon plus anti-cholesterol ', which contains '

procyanidin B1, ' which has been reported to lower LDL cholesterol , also called bad cholesterol, will be available from May 7, 2019. Using the first tea carefully burned and matured tea leaves that feature a mellow and refreshing astringency, it is a combination of fragrant and refreshing taste, so make sure its taste compared to that of a regular Iemon I tried.

Itoemon plus cholesterol measures | Suntory

Suntory 'Iemon Guard Plus Cholesterol Countermeasures' (Functional Display Foods) New Release | News Release | Suntory Foods International

This is I 右 emon plus cholesterol measures.

It looks like this when you compare the bottles of an ordinary Iemon (left) and an Iemon plus cholesterol measures (right). The bottle of Itoemon, which was renewed on March 5, 2019, has the brand name of Itoemon vertically written on a white background with the image of the goodwill of the tea house, while the Itoemon plus cholesterol countermeasures is a simple green color The product name is written horizontally on.

It is widely printed in blue on a blue background with the words 'Low bad LDL cholesterol' and 'Cholesterol control'.

At the bottom of the bottle, the

label ' Functional display food ' was written. Unlike foods for specific health use (Tokuho), they have not been individually reviewed by the Consumer Affairs Agency, but since they are notified to the Consumer Affairs Agency, details of the display etc. will be confirmed on the website of the Consumer Affairs Agency. It is possible .

If you look at the ingredient display, you can see that the common Iaemon (left) has only green tea and vitamin C as raw materials, but the Iaemon plus plus cholesterol measures (right) contains a pine bark extract. In addition, I did not notice that the size of the bottle is almost the same, but I Kaemon plus cholesterol measures had a 25 ml capacity smaller than that of the normal Imon.

Both calories are 0kcal. In addition to the 2.46 mg of

procyanidin that is reported to work for lowering cholesterol, it also contained 4 times the catechin .

Shake well according to the statement 'Please drink well' ...

I poured it into a glass and tried to compare it. It is clear at a glance that it is clear and a little brownish darker against Icemon + Cholesterol (right) compared to the brightly colored ones with iridescents (left).

First of all, when I drink ordinary Iemon, it is sweet and sweet as it is sweet and has a rich aftertaste. I think that it can be recommended for those who seek a rich green tea taste because the taste is rich in part and the astringency and bitterness that are unique to green tea are also commensurate. Next, when I drink Iokaemon plus cholesterol measures, the fragrant smell of green tea spreads in my mouth, and a very slight acidity passes quickly on the tongue, and I can feel a crisp and refreshing taste. The

While the normal Iemon can enjoy the rich taste and smell of green tea, the Iemon Aplus plus cholesterol measures have a clean drink that has almost no miscellaneous taste, so I finished the green tea that gets tired even if I drink it daily I felt that

It is possible to buy it at retail stores nationwide from May 7, 2019, and the price is 500 yen with a tax of 160 yen.

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