The ideal bust size seen from a woman is 86.7 cm

Conversely, from the viewpoint of men, the ideal bust size of a woman is 85.8 cm. You are decreasing.

What about other waist and hips is as follows. There are differences between men and women and age.
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Fujiko legend collapses! Is it? A man like a slender than a woman!

The ideal three-size of a woman as seen from a woman seems to be "B: 86.7, W: 59.0, H: 85.4", but the ideal three-dimensional size of a woman from a male is "B: 85.8, W: 58.9, H: 85.4 "and seems to be a little slender type.

Also, the ideal three size increases as the age increases. Is it to say that it is approaching reality?

Realistically, looking at the size of the brassieres is like this.

What is the average size of Japanese women's bra? Excite News

Although it seems that B cup and C cup are the most frequently now, since the cup tends to grow year by year, C cup may become the main stream among them. Approximately, B70, B75, C70 are average.

Moreover, it seems that the amount of money per month for women to cosmetics is mostly less than 5000 yen to less than 10,000 yen.

Generation-specific! The amount of money a woman makes to her "beauty"! Is it?

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