The age that women believe is the most sexy is 34 years old

When I surveyed over 1,000 women, I heard that the age at which they become the most sexiest is 34 years old. I think that sex appeal will change depending on the viewer, but is it that sexiness will increase with experience etc?

Details are as below.
The Telegraph - Calcutta (Kolkata) | International | Women feel most sexy at 34, says survey

Survey was conducted by Astral, a moisturizing cosmetic manufacturer. According to this survey, middle - aged women seem to have sexual activity halved compared to when they are young, but 56% say that they are getting more fun. In addition, when asking for the age to be the most sexy, the average is 34 years old.

Catherine Hood, an advisor to sexual relations and human relations, says, "As we get older, we assume that sexual intercourse gets less and we have shown that the results of the survey show it, There is no reason why you should not enjoy sexual intercourse because you are older, and that you are satisfied with sexual activity more than when you were young is that you are more confident than you used to. " .

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