What is a 79 year old man living in the UK who stood on top of YouTube?

It is the top of online video sharing serviceYouTubeIt is 79 years old widower who lives in this UK who is obtaining the most subscribers (not page views).

It is a strange feeling that this man of soft taste and courtesy talking stands at the top in a sense in YouTube, which is a majority of youth users.

The reason why such a thing happened is as follows.
British pensioner becomes surprise YouTube star - Yahoo! News

First of all this is the profile of that man.

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. Geriatric 1927

His name is Peter. I am 78 years old on my profile, but I am saying that 79 years old in a movie. He wrote a movie to YouTube for the first time on his birthday a few weeks ago. After talking about complaints about becoming various elderly people, YouTube is using it often, so it's nothing else to say that you tried upgrading yourself as well. However, blues flows in the back, keeping a somewhat strange atmosphere.

First Movie:YouTube - first try

As of last month, 100 million movies are being viewed on YouTube and the number of visitors per month is 20 million people. Therefore, in this first movie I asked for the comment about the complaint that he feels to the young man, and as a result I got a flood of 4,700 mails. He immediately uploaded the second movie and reported this. In his life he stated that this is a big change, a new world experience.

And he said he was talking about fear of war he experienced, harassment by police, and about his life ....

It is an example that you can effectively utilize such a net service even if it is not a young generation.

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