Whether Japan is the strongest SNS "MySpace" in the world this summer

"MySpace"It is a super savage SNS of 75 million registered users at this time and a page view of 30 million PV per month. MySpace is going to expand in each country from this summer. As for MySpace's official comment, although deployment in Japan is "in 2006", in Japan there is already a monster SNS, the top market share of mixi. Will it win?

So let 's learn a bit about MySpace.
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FT.com / Technology - MySpace outlines European expansion

As for how much the page view increased, how far now is the second place in the whole world.

For MySpace, Making Friends Was Easy. Big Profit Is Tougher. - New York Times

Moreover, MySpace was ranked first in the word that was most frequently searched in fiscal year 2005, according to last year's survey.

Google.com - Top Gainers of 2005

What is behind this MySpace is News Corp. led by the famous media king Rupert Murdoch. Under the umbrella there are 20th century Fox, FOX TV, New York Post, The Sun, Herald Sun etc. famous for movie production. My current "MySpace" is deployed by mobilizing all the existing media such as music, movies, TV, newspapers.

For example, from May, two of the popular TV drama "24" produced by FOX are delivered free of charge, the rest are available for download at 1.99 dollars.

ITmedia News: MySpace downloads popular program of Fox download sales

There are a lot of famous singers among MySpace participants, and it seems that it was originally supposed to be a scheme that many users flow in search of connection with it. It is certainly the strongest strategy for marketing. I successfully acquired the strengths of SNS that people connect with people and acquired a large number of young people of my age who want to get acquainted with celebrities. Moreover, invitation cards are unnecessary like mixi.

However, this is the beginning of social problems. A young generation, in short, a large amount of teenage young people flowing in, writing about themselves in the profile and writing up to the name of the school. Then, if you trace that friend's friends etc, human relations clearly emerge clearly, furthermore all the behavior patterns such as hobby taste are recorded by journal by the diary, moreover with a photograph of a face. Sex offenders who spoofed their profile aiming at this appearing one after another, MySpace came to look like a dating system. Not only that but, of course, crime actually occurred frequently, and it became a social problem at once, and some schools came up to the point where it prohibits connections to MySpace and introduces filtering software.

Threatening MySpace - Teenager who requested $ 150,000 to arrest - CNET Japan

ITmedia News: 14-year-old girl sued SNS due to sexual violence (15:45 on June 20, 2006)

It is affected by such crimes frequently, and we have announced protection measures for the time being.

Protection measures for users of MySpace, the largest SNS, 14 to 15 years old

Further discussion will be considered until regulation is legislated.

Do you regulate young people's access to SNS? - Republican lawmakers submit a bill - CNET Japan

There is also a tendency to emigrate already by such regulation strengthening, parent monitoring, movement to participation regulation, regulation legislation discussion etc. at the end of the phrase.

FPN - Beautiful teens SNS My place to escape Bebo

More detailed information and background are detailed by Wikipedia.

MySpace - Wikipedia

Well, what kind of expansion will be in Japan ....

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