Being defeated itself is nothing to be ashamed of

There is a name of "letter of Darrell Royal".

Where the source was cited by which books or where it was written, the source is completely unknown, and even if we search abroad broadly, the original text seems not to exist anywhere, Darrell Royal It is not listed in the quotation collection at the site of.

However, its content itself is very excellent and I will introduce it as it has a part similar to the spirit that kept updating GIGAZINE at any time.

Dear Longhorns

To be defeated is nothing to be ashamed of. It is a shame to be defeated and not to stand up. Here, let's introduce the history of a great man who has experienced numerous defeat in life, but continued to have the courage to go up from its defeat.

Unemployment in 1832

Defeated in the state council election in 1832

1833 business bankruptcy

Elected as Legislative Council in 1834

1835 death of fiancee

1836 Nerve weakness morbidity

1838 Legislative parliamentary chairperson lost

Defeated in the 1845 Congressman nomination ballot

Congressman elect 1846

In 1848 the Republican Representative was re-elected

Rejected by the National Land Agency investigator in 1849

Senator lost in 1854

1856 vice presidential defeat by nomination ballot

Senator in 1858, again lost

And in 1860 Abraham Lincoln was elected President of the United States.

Everyone may be in the six army with the army coming in season. Beginning with the first army, it may become a four army. What you should always ask yourself is what you are going to do after being overwhelmed. Do you just complain by complaining or are you burning fighting spirits and confronting it again? Everyone playing at the stadium this autumn will surely taste once or twice humiliation. There have never existed such as athletes who have never been beaten up to now. However, the first-class athlete pays every effort and strives to get up quickly. Athletes are a bit late to get up. And the loser will remain lying on the ground forever.

His career is posted on Wikipedia, but it has become a tremendous career. He seems to be a name coach rarely seen in the history of college football.

Darrell Royal - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Because of his nature as a coach, he has quite a few words and is summarized here.

Darrell K Royal Quotes Page

Also, although the history of Lincoln appears in this name, there seems to be somewhat different parts in reality. What is the interpretation difference or what?

Abraham Lincoln - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

As far as I looked it up on the net, it seems to be 2001 that this sentence first appeared on the net. As far as I investigated the site on which this sentence was posted before, I can not find it.

Beautiful wolves

Further examination, it seems that it was the first time that I copied this sentence from some sort of book in word processing before 1995 and posted it.

A blue sky beyond the night sky 12

Original texts written in English of "Darrell Royal Letters" should exist somewhere, but it seems that they are not on the Internet anywhere. I referred to a book written in Japanese. Before going to study in the USA, I copied the sentences with a word processor (I am sorry, I went to America before Windows 95 ^ ^;) and brought it to the USA. When I was down, I read it over and over again. But, I do not remember which book I referred to ... I'm sorry.

Well, which books are new for the first time ... who is this! I think that you know the source of origin, or if someone knows the original text, please contact us. concern….

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