Impression that makeup color, red · blue is "elegant and feminine", green · yellow is "cool"

It is Kao's research result. Surface reflection of make-up face When I changed the color of the reflected light, I examined how the impression changes with computer graphics, and as a result, when strengthening red and blue, it is "there is a feeling of cleanliness" "feminine" Impression, "elegant" "sophisticated" impression becomes stronger, and if you strengthen green · yellow, the impression of "cool feeling" seems to be strong.

Further details are as follows.
The impression of the face can be changed by "color of light".
Evaluate the effect of the "surface reflected light color" of the cosmetic face
Red and blue are "elegant and feminine", green · yellow changes to "cool" impression.

In general, coloring with pigments contained in cosmetics is common, but as pigments recognize as light by absorbing light, people become dark colors as coloration increases and disadvantages that make it thick It seems there was. It is what we call "subtractive color mixing".

On the other hand, as a method of giving color without using a pigment, there is a method of imparting color to reflected light, even if a plurality of colors are mixed, the color remains bright and does not become turbid, and the original brightness is not impaired It is said that you can change the color to. The so-called "additive mixture".

As a result, it seems that results like the image below are obtained.

It may be better to switch according to the situation on the spot what kind of impression operation you want about your face.

In other words, men should be careful not to be misled by the color of the face by makeup.

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