Adding functions to Windows Live Messenger "Messenger Plus! Live"

It is a thing produced by the same author as 'Messenger Plus!' Which adds functions to MSN Messenger. Various functions will be added.

Convenient functions to be added include tabbing chat, sending routine messages immediately, custom sound, custom status, locking messenger itself for shared personal computer, floating contact list, chatting Record in HTML format, various event viewer, function to activate multiple messengers simultaneously, etc.

Download from below.
Messenger Plus! Live - The Windows Live Messenger Extension

A description of the function is as follows.

Messenger Plus! Live - Features

Wallpaper and so on.

Messenger Plus! Live - Goodies

I personally like the function to float the contact list the most.

Like this

It is quite convenient because you can minimize the body and display only the people you need on the edge of the desktop. Is it a function to activate multiple simultaneous? This makes it possible to use accounts finely, so you can use it for work and private use.

Here for traditional MSN Messenger.

Messenger Plus! | Downloads and Features

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