What is the most difficult thing compared to ginger ale?

If you say that you have never drunk ginger ale in the first place, you are abandoning your work despite being at work while saying "Please drink, I will buy!", When you notice, ginger ale cooked on the kumquin on the desk It was lining up.

So, I tried to compare what kind of ginger ale will gradually become hot for the four kinds of ginger ale which are probably representative.
In the first place, what is a ginger ale seems to be becoming common with alcohol-free beer with ginger as a flavor.

Ginger ale - Wikipedia

It should be noted that although cooling occurs in a freezer for 90 minutes and the lid is opened, a phenomenon of freezing occurs in a few seconds, but there is a danger of rupture of the container, so it is dangerous to conduct experiments at home (supercooling phenomenon).

This was terrible and I could not do this time, but let's do it someday. Or, since I found Kole during writing this article, someone already went to buy with a dash. Is it okay?

If so, as returning to the subject, does Ginger Ale truly taste or smell ginger? I think that there are many people thinking, but the terrible result that the recognition should be revised comes out.

First of all, Canadian dry ginger ale called "the thinnest" drinking ginger ale.


The color is thin and transparent. The taste felt diluted chilled rainbow. If this is okay, it is delicious.

Next, Wilkinson dry ginger ale bottle type 190ml.

Asahi Beverage | Wilkinson | Product Introduction

Feeling that it is quite amazing, there is slight stimulation more than Canada dry earlier. Still it was refreshingly refreshing.

Next, Wilkinson Gingeraire British Blend.

Strong stimulation! Dry Jinjaere for adults
"Wilkinson Gingeraire British Blend"
New release

"Wilkinson Ginjayur British Blend" is highly supported by professionals for professional use, and based on the strong spirit of "Wilkinson Ginjayre" popular in bars and cafes, a refreshing taste that keeps dry and sweetness It is a feature.
Spicy and strong carbonic feeling from high quality ginger like British style Jinjele realized unique flavor and new stimulation for adults.

It seems to be British. Carbon dioxide gas has already gathered in the stomach at this stage and it is getting painful but I tried drinking ... This is painful! I want to hold back a bit. Still it is not like I can not drink it yet, it feels painful to drink at a stroke. The ginger taste is quite strong.

And the last story of the story that the digits are different Wilkinson ginger ale.

It is characterized by a strong hard taste using a good ginger, especially genuine-oriented gingerjaire, which is gotten evaluated also in the professional market mainly in professional bartenders.

The color is different! What is this! When I tried drinking, I gave up on a daily basis. This is not straight for drinking .... It is about intense level that ginger juice is condensed as it is and put in carbonated water. Taste and scent have very good ginger feeling, but it is really painful. Stimulation remained on the tongue, then for a while the taste paralyzed, probably.

So, beginners are Canadian dry ginger ale or Wilkinson dry ginger ale. Wilkinson Gingerjae British blend you want a little stimulation. And for unknown experiences and irritated people Wilkinson Gingeraire was recommended, it was recommended.

Even so, I did not think there was a difference in taste so far ....

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