IBM opened its first development laboratory in Russia

IBM will invest 40 million dollars in this "Russian Systems & amp; Technology Laboratory" over the next three years and hire a maximum of 200 staff by the end of 2008 is. The laboratory will focus on development of mainframe technology. This is a continuation of IBM's attitude that emphasizes the use of skills and expertise in countries around the world (especially high growth countries such as Russia, Brazil, China and India).

Details are as follows.
IBM announces the opening of the first IBM development laboratory in Russia - Japan

Incidentally, this laboratory is the fourth major development project recently announced by IBM.

Other new bases include Linux Technology Center in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Solutions & amp; Technology Center in Bangalore, India, mainframe development research in Shanghai, China There seems to be a mainframe development lab.

Russia and Central and Eastern Europe seems to be a treasure trove of technology and programming skills, so it seems that IBM's eyes are IBM as expected.

By the way, IBM was established in Russia for the first time in 1974, and now it is based in Russia's 10 largest cities, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan. IBM Russia's annual revenue shows double-digit growth over the past five years, including 29% in 2005 and 75% in 2004, so we can not help putting in force.

By the way, Google seems to compete mainly with Microsoft, Microsoft seems to compete with IBM rivalry. It seems like somehow somewhere that manga passes each other, this.

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