"Cup Noodle European Cheese Curry" Renewal

I will renew and release it from June 19 (Monday).

There are 4 types of cheese including Gouda cheese for soup, Emmental cheese for soup, Cheddar cheese and mozzarella cheese for ingredients, and we will increase the amount of emmental cheese used for soup at this renewal, mellow the taste I said that it was.

If you look at the page of the press release earlier, "Cheese curry is cheese star" is written ....
- More mellow and emerging -
Fresh cup noodles
"Cup Noodle European Cheese Curry"
Information on renewal new release

Speaking of cheese curry cheese star people! A young crowd club gets dashing out and will perform a good performance of Human Beat Boxer at DJ booth. In the cup that the youngster has, cheese enters with a cheese ray released by a cheese star of a norinori cheap cheese, and develops a CM with humor and impact that eats mellow cheese curry which became mellow.

Cheese star - Google image search

By the way, this "cup noodle style cheese curry" is on sale from April 2000, has been completely renewed once on April 21, 2003.

There is only things that are using cheese as much as this, calorie is high.

Nissin Foods: Product Information: Brand Lineup: Cup Noodle European Cheese Curry

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