Tasting of "Nescafe Sparkling Cafe" carbonated drink containing coffee

It is an example of mixing "coffee drink" and "carbonated drink", but I could not get it because it had gone hastily from neighborhood on the day of sale, so I finally bought it last weekend.

What kind of thing is it?
NESCAFE (Nescafe)> Product lineup> Nescafe Sparkling Cafe

The carbonated coffee, which can stimulate the stimulation of carbonic acid produced by Shuwatto bubbles and the taste of deep coffee together. It is a taste that becomes addictive if you drink it.

This time I tried tasting 140 yen for 300 ml.

It's about this size, cool

There is only a thing that is screaming with calorie off, surely the calorie is low

A state of putting in, unlike ordinary carbonated drinks, feeling that it gets dizzy

The carbonic acid escapes in no time

After 5 minutes, there is not much change in appearance, but just a moment of coffee

Also, bubbles will not disappear. Feeling that it has a slightly thickening on the whole

It can not be said that the taste of the key is delicious also for flattery. Feeling to come to my chest every moment. Continuous tasting is impossible unless a small pause is inserted. Although it says "When you drink, it's unpleasant", but unfortunately it did not belong to the same kind of Lipton's carbonated tea ... ....

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