Niigata prefecture tool bar

What is this ...? Besides IE version properly Firefox version! Awesome, Niigata Prefecture. Does Niigata prefecture say that installation is essential?

Niigata Prefecture Toolbar: 1. What is Niigata Prefecture Toolbar
FunctionLike thisPretty fulfilling at.

Careful explanation of the installation procedure

Download it here

So, if you think that this toolbar can be done easily ~, it seems like this mechanism.

Slashdot Japan | Information provided by Niigata Prefecture by its own toolbar

It seems that it is a tool bar for the municipality of the company called [universal publicity toolbar] [] ....
Initial introduction cost 500,000 yen
Monthly operating expenses 100,000 yen / 10,000 downloads
I see it as expensive or cheap ... / /.
It is very cheap if updating information properly.
(The cost of the person in charge to update the information is different, but ...)

This is it.

"Universal Public Relations Toolbar" - Info-Axia Corporation

As long as you see it, it seems that you can also see the usage status of the toolbar.

"Universal Public Information Toolbar" log browsing - INFOX

The logs that can be checked are as follows.

Toolbar download count
Toolbar installation frequency
Tool bar activation count
Number of button clicks on toolbar
Banner total impressions
Number of banner clicks

By all means I would like Niigata prefecture to disclose information on how much this toolbar is downloaded and which menu is being used effectively. I mean, I definitely want to release it .... Will it be very useful information for people and companies creating toolbars etc.?

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