Currently there are about 80 million sites on the Internet

To be precise, it is 80, 655, 992 as of the end of March, 2, 006. There are many pages on each site, so if you say the number of pages you will get even more. If there is no search engine there is no hand or leg, indeed.
Internet tops 80 million websites | TG Daily

By the way, it has increased by 3.1 million sites in comparison with last month, and it was 40 million sites as of March 2003. It has been said that it has doubled in the last 3 years.

Also, although the most used server software is still Apache, the share drops from 68.7% to 62.7%. There are considerable amounts of migration to Microsoft Windows Server 2003 etc., 25.2%. For what reason is it increasing, is this.

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