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I am developing FirefoxMozilla FoundationFrom Google, Bing (Microsoft), Yahoo, etc. included in the search box in the upper right of the browserLoyaltyWe continue to operate by increasing revenue by receiving. However, the contract with Google, which accounts for the largest percentage (about 80%) of them, expires at the end of November 2011, and since there is no telling what happened afterwards, I feel anxious about the future of Firefox A news report was made, and a fierce objection against that was done, and it became a slight disturbance.

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The departure date is 17:40 on December 2nd (PST)ZDNetArticle.

Firefox faces uncertain future as Google deal apparently ends | ZDNet

Mozilla has lost share to Google, it's lost the loyalty of enterprise customers, and it's lost key talent. And a deal with Google that supplied 84% of its revenue last year was scheduled to end in November. Can Firefox avoid a slide into irrelevance?

Firefox (Mozilla) contract with Google has expired in November 2011, there was no information that it was extended information that the future confronted by Firefox has become uncertain It is an article.

Subsequently, the following article was posted on TechWave on December 4th.

Firefox declined pinch share, human resources leaked, Google contract terminated 【Yukawa】: TechWave

TechWave's article is

ZDNet is writing popular browser Firefox 's future content, so I would like to briefly introduce the content.

As it starts from, we used the contents of the article of December 2 of ZDNet earlier,

But the biggest hurdle is that Google, which had backed up the Mozilla Foundation in its entirety, closed its partner contract in November. Although it seems that a contract renewal or renewal has been discussed, ZDNet inquired about Mozilla's publicity in December, a reply saying "There is no new information that can be released".
It seems that 86% of royalty revenue last year was from Google, so this is likely to be a significant damage for Mozilla.
Ed Bott of ZDnet who wrote this article said, "When the biggest source of income ceased and Microsoft and Google (under the browser market) are under attack, when will Firefox drop out of competition? It is tied with.

It is the tone that "Firefox got in a pinch". A sensational article saying "Firefox has lost a contract with Google", as Internet browsers, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari and several browsers are making a breakthrough, attracts a lot of people's interest .

Based on this TechWave article, a thread stands on the 2nd channel and the 2ch summary site puts a more enthusiastic title of "Firefox development stops", and the topic will spread more and more rapidly.

Firefox is about 90% of crisis development crisis development failure Failed to renew contract with Google | Gadget bulletin

However, there is an objection that "This is just assembling negative elements side by side".

On December 4th the same as the TechWave article was released,snyk_s logIsMisunderstanding of "Firefox development stop"Posted an article called.

inside that,

From the article of Odami ZDNet, contents like 'If you construct a negative scenario based on facts'

It is also about the lack of comments on the continuation of the contract

Even if it is a contract that is targeted in November this year it is not surprising whether it is still under negotiation and Mozilla will not reveal Hui Hui just because he was interviewed on such content during the negotiations

I'm putting Tsukkomi.

I have published a lot of articles about FirefoxMozilla FluxEven criticized the TechWave article severely.

It does not enter within the pitcher (pinch) - Mozilla Flux

When we terminate the contract with Mozilla, Google will discard the conductor called a Web browser with a share of over 22%. As Google itself relies on advertisements for revenue, if Firefox users reduce the frequency of using Google search, they will result in reduced revenue and termination of contracts is not a very prudent choice. As we look at closing Google Labs etc, it seems that Google can not afford to finance, but there is a doubt that if so it wonders if he will self-decide to reduce income.

Regardless of whether the contract is over, Mozilla does not consider as much as its income will be lost at a large rate, for example 86%. If you think it is a lie, take a look at the Mozilla Corporation page on LinkedIn. Full time staff is stated as more than 400 people. When Mozilla officials met together from all over the world in 2009, there were about 250 participants. Because 250 people are included other than the staff of Mozilla Corporation, it is about how quickly the number of personnel was expanded. In September 2011, the Vice President of the Web Strategy division is newly added, but will a firm that loses most of income at the end of November will adopt executives, etc? What on earth is this pinch?

LinkedIn'sMozilla Corporation Page, As pointed out by Mozilla Flux, as vice president of web strategy department in September 2011Stephanie SchipperI am adopting.

According to comments Google sent to CNET, Mozilla or Google was waiting for the announcement of the place of the contract, the contract seems to be still continuing as of December, Mozilla replies that "negotiation is ongoing".

Do not write off Mozilla - Google revenue deal as dead | Deep Tech - CNET News

Mozilla and Google further extend search alliance - CNET Japan

Similarly, other sites reported that negotiations between Mozilla and Google are continuing.

Google, Mozilla Still Negotiating Firefox Search Deal | News & amp; Opinion | PCMag.com

Mozilla: 'Active Negotiations' Continue with Google

By the way, since Mozilla makes its financial data public on the net, anyone can check how much income it was.

Frequently Asked Questions | Mozilla Annual Report

According to this, consolidated total revenue in fiscal 2010 was 123.26 million dollars (about 9.6 billion yen). Many of them are from the search providers such as Google and Bing installed in Firefox, which amounts to 121.19 million dollars (about 9.4 billion yen). As Mozilla himself expresses Google as its biggest partner, Google seems to be 86% of the search provider's royalty. This is roughly equivalent to $ 141.5 million (about 8.1 billion yen).

Looking at the current state of Firefox, the share which was 23.72% at the January 2011 level has decreased by 1.24 points to 22.48% in September. As Google Chrome has increased by 5.05 points over the same period, it seems to be a big drop in share, but the Internet Explorer boasting the largest share also decreased by 3.96 points, Opera, which originally had a lower share, also decreased by 0.66 points, this figure You can not affirm that "Firefox is pinching" by itself.

Incidentally, in the long term, Firefox boasted the largest share in the Netscape era, a predecessor, but after that it became extinct in the face of IE's trekking, becoming Firefox and becoming revitalized I will.

In addition, from the real experience that Netscape Navigator 4.x erroneously continues to use Mozilla, Firefox as it is from the era of Netscape Navigator 4.x, once again looking back on the history, it is believed that from now it is proud of its share It's hard to do and there is no powerful money like Google, Microsoft, Apple, but the fact that you are in a good position is almost like a "miracle".

Also, Firefox 10 (current codename "Aurora") From corporate users and others were looking forward to"Extended Support Release"The proposal of the offer is proposed. This ESR version will be refrained from adding new functions by upgrading one after another as usual, while continuing to release the security update properly will allow us to test the environment in a stable manner, test various add-ons etc. You will be able to take time too. If you realize that "Users who thought that they would be upgraded one after the other, but while they are watching over add-ons and other various relationships, they are going to shift to Google Chrome or iCloud's moving Safari ..." You should be able to use it with confidence.

2011/12/21 22:25 Addendum
Extended support for corporate users is as follows.

I will introduce the main new features of Firefox 10 «Mozilla Developer Street (modest)

Although it is not yet officially decided at this time, it is proposed that Firefox 10, the first release of 2012, will begin offering Extended Support Release version (ESR version below). In ESR version, at the same time as normal Firefox version upgrade, only minor modifications related to security and stability are performed, and minor version up without minor version change is provided.

In the current proposal, since the ESR version carries out major version upgrade for every 7 versions of Firefox and at least 2 versions support both old and new versions, each version is between 9 versions = 6 weeks = 54 weeks = 1 year We will continue to support it (see above figure).

Please consider stable users upgrading to ESR version Firefox 10 if you are a corporate user of Firefox 3.6 because stable versions that do not change the function or speed are needed.

Although the ESR version is a functionally stable version, the version with the most stable operation becomes the regular version of Firefox. Except when it is absolutely necessary to avoid functional changes, please use the latest Firefox which continues to improve all the memory usage reduction, responsiveness improvement, security and stability along with the new function.

There is no plan to offer ESR version Firefox for Android.

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