A patch that enables simultaneous talking of 10 people on Skype 2.0 with AMD CPU

My desktop is AMD, so this patch is useful. Firstly from the explanation of circumstances.

Skype partnered with Intel, added dual core dedicated 10-person conference call function

Up to five people can participate except for the Intel dual core processor. This function is available on Skype 2.0 or higher version which is currently open to the public, and it corresponds only to notebook PC with Intel Centrino Duo, Intel Pentium D, Pentium Extreme Edition, desktop PC with Intel Viiv technology .

So AMD got angry.

Intel antitrust case lawsuit, skipping to skype - AMD, subpoena with new feature of "Skype 2.0" - CNET Japan

It is about Skype 2.0's ability to be able to make up to 10 conference calls only when using Intel 's dual - core processor this time AMD sees the problem. If you are using AMD's dual-core or single-core chip, only up to five conference calls are available because the ability to host ten simultaneous calls is only available on the Intel chip Skype explains.

In contrast, AMD advocates objections.

And you really can not use it? This patch was invented to answer the question that is.

Unleashing 10-User Conferencing in Skype 2.0 / Windows for all CPUs

There is a patch on the above page and a description of its code analysis.

Firstly download and install the latest version released on March 1st

Then download and unzip the patch from the above page or the mirror site below and replace the main unit

You should be able to use it with AMD ....

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