A new vulnerability `` ZombieLoad v2 '' is discovered on Intel CPUs, affecting Cascade Lake



It has been reported by Michael Schwartz, a researcher at the Technical University of Graz, that a vulnerability ' ZombieLoad v2 ' affecting CPUs released by Intel, including Cascade Lake , has been discovered by 2019.

New ZombieLoad v2 Attack Affects Intel's Latest Cascade Lake CPUs

The newly discovered vulnerability called 'ZombieLoad v2' is said to affect Intel CPUs that appeared by 2019, including Cascade Lake. ZombieLoad v2 is a variant of 'ZombieLoad' discovered in May 2019. ZombieLoad was reported as an MDS vulnerability affecting Intel processor generations released since 2011.

Clearly the existence of a vulnerability `` MDS '' affecting almost all Intel processors after 2011-gigazine

By Slejven Djurakovic

ZombieLoad v2 is a Meltdown- type attack that allows attackers to steal sensitive data not only from applications and operating systems, but also from virtual machines running in the cloud.

Intel has called the failure caused by ZombieLoad v2 Transactional Asynchronous Abort (TAA). Furthermore, to exploit the TAA, it is said that a local attack that monitors the execution time of Transactional Synchronization Extensions (TSX), which is the hardware support for transaction memory, and compares the execution of aborts to infer the memory state is necessary. I do.

A research team by Schwartz et al. Who found the vulnerability by ZombieLoad v2 warned Intel in April 2019 and also reported a flaw in the patched MDS in May of the same year. Intel had asked researchers not to publish the details of ZombieLoad v2 until they came up with a security patch with an update that could address the vulnerability. Intel also provides MDS protection for operating system developers, virtual machine manager developers, software developers using Intel SGX, and system administrators.

A research paper (PDF file) has been published for ZombieLoad v2. Red Hat has also released a script that allows users to detect if Intel-based systems are vulnerable to this flaw.

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