New vulnerability found in Intel CPU 'SPOILER' must be re-designed again at silicon level

by Uwe Hermann

Following multiple vulnerabilities found in 2018, a new vulnerability was found in Intel CPUs. This vulnerability named "SPOILER" exploits the process called "speculative execution" as well as the vulnerability found in 2018 · "Meltdown" and "Specter" , which is a major It seems that it can not be modified without redesign.

SPOILER: Speculative Load Hazards Boost Rowhammer and Cache Attacks
(PDF file)

SPOILER alert, literally: Intel CPUs afflicted with simple data-spewing spec-exec vulnerability • The Register

It was computer scientists at Worcester Institute of Technology and Lubeck University that reported vulnerabilities.

According to the report, "SPOILER" exploits "speculative execution" installed in the modern microarchitecture to solve the memory bottleneck, and attacks like Rowhammer can be executed much more easily Thing.

A cyber attack similar to "Rowhammer attack" capable of taking authority by continuous access to storage such as SSD is possible - GIGAZINE

"SPOILER" refers to spoiler, but it does not mean that it made any sense of particularity, it seems like you chose a word that starts with "Sp" like Specter.

The vulnerability itself exists in everything from Intel 's first generation CPU, and it also works in virtual environments and sandbox environments. Moreover, it is another vulnerability of what is similar to "Meltdown" or "Specter", it can not deal with measures against "Meltdown" "Spectre", and it is impossible to modify or mitigate the influence without redesigning at the silicon level It is.

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