Convenient free software for restoring lost data

I hope to back it up on a daily basis, but people who do such things should be a minority. So, introduce software that is not a useful classic when you lose data.

Details are as follows.PC INSPECTOR File Recovery

Software to restore deleted files by mistake. Whether returning to the origin or not depends on luck.

Drive Rescue 1.9 d

Although the same engine as the above software is carried, why this one is high function. It is Italian but I do not care.


Software that enables low level access to the hard disk. I am in trouble when it comes to rescuing data using this.

Ultimate Boot CD

Various hardware testing tools full load. If you use this you can also rescue the data. It is not resurrection so be careful. In short, you can burn the downloaded ISO image to CD - R and start from there. If Windows is broken and nothing is broken by hardware, you can boot from here and rescue the necessary data.


Use it when the partition is invisible by mistake. It is also in the Ultimate Boot CD.

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