"PROSPER" site that allows individuals to lend and borrow money like consumer finance

People who want to borrow money are lower interest rates than general finance companies and those who have enough money seem to have landed in the United States as lending surplus funds as part of their asset management method. That name is "PROSPER".

Details are as below.
Prosper: The online marketplace for people-to-people lending

It seems that interest rates can also be selected to some extent, and will similar services begin in Japan in the near future?

I thought that I wrote this before, there was.

Interbank financial intermediation site "Zoeba" by credit borrowers and low interest lenders

What "eBay" is doing among people who buy and sell goods,
The UK's website "Zoopa" is about to be done among those who borrow money.

Zopa, which has not been opened, is from the US benchmark · capital company that also funded eBay
I am receiving assistance. By applying business model of auction site like eBay,
I wanted to borrow someone who wants to lend money to someone,
It is a site to let people with sufficient creditworthiness to attract it.
By the way, the name of Zoopa (Zopa)
Abbreviation for "Zone of Possible Agreement: place to take a loan agreement".

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