'Immersive Math' is a free textbook that makes it easy to understand difficult linear algebra by expressing it in manipulable diagrams

' Immersive Math ' is a free textbook site that makes linear algebra, a field of mathematics that studies calculations such as vectors and matrices, easier to understand by providing interactive diagrams.

Immersive Math


The homepage of the site looks like this: 'The world's first linear algebra book with fully interactive illustrations.'

The triangle diagram displayed in the center is interactive, and you can rotate or stop it by clicking the upper left corner, and you can adjust the position by clicking and dragging each vertex. The diagram can be freely edited, making it easy to understand.

When you scroll down the page, the table of contents appears. First, click 'Preface'.

'As the saying goes, 'seeing is believing,' it is often the case that a glance at a diagram will deepen your understanding rather than a lot of words. In 'Immersive Math,' we have evolved the diagram into an interactive one that accepts user operations, making it easier and faster to learn.' Click on 'Menu' in the upper left.

A menu with the following options will appear: 'Table of Contents,' 'Previous Chapter,' 'Next Chapter,' 'Report a Bug,' and 'Close Menu.' Click 'Next Chapter.'

The text is written in well-structured English, like those found in textbooks, so it can be read without any problems even using the translation function on your browser.

As I continued reading, I came across an interactive diagram. At first glance, it's hard to tell which parts are clickable, but when you click on an empty space, a circle appears on the clickable parts, making it easy to tell.

At the bottom of the page was a link to the next page.

Interactive diagrams are not just for editing the vertices of a diagram; they also allow you to experience the change in the ball's velocity vector while playing a block-breaking game.

Animations are also provided as needed. You can advance the animation or return it to the initial state by using the 'Reset' and 'Forward' buttons at the bottom of the screen.

It can be difficult to understand the relative positions of objects in a 3D image, but by clicking the rotation mark in the upper left corner, the image will rotate, making it easy to understand.

In the comments section of Hacker News, where engineers gather, other textbooks with easy-to-understand diagrams were introduced, including those in fields such as ' geometry ,' ' physics ,' and ' elements .'

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