Portrait of King Charles of England is said to look like the final boss of a From Software game

Following the death of Queen Elizabeth II in September 2022, a new portrait of King Charles III, who became the new King of the United Kingdom, was unveiled. However, the portrait, in which most of the canvas is dyed in a striking red, has been met with mixed reviews, and it has been reported that a flurry of reactions full of British humor have been posted on social media.

King Charles' Portrait Makes Him Look Like A Video Game Boss

King Charles unveiled his first official portrait since his coronation on May 14, 2024.

The painting, by British artist Jonathan Yeo, depicts King Charles in the uniform of the Welsh Guards with a butterfly resting on his shoulder - a symbol of the king's concern for environmental issues - but the problem lies in its striking use of bold colours.

'This portrait looks like the toughest boss from From Software's action RPG Elden Ring ,' one X (formerly Twitter) user wrote. Similarly, others said it reminded them of a boss from the Dark Souls series.

Another X user posted, 'New artwork for ELDEN RING has been released,' alongside a painting of what appears to be Boss Reichardt from ELDEN RING alongside a portrait of King Charles.

Perhaps inspired by this creativity, some people even went so far as to create an original setting in the style of ELDEN RING's flavor text, saying, 'The man is called 'Baron Bloodrot, Molgolem' and lives in the 'Temple of Fresh Blood of Corruption.''

Gaming news site Kotaku said, 'Most have noted the similarities to ELDEN RING's Volcano Hall, which similarly prominently displays a portrait of a creepy ruler. To be frank, the painting resembles the painting world of Ariandel from Dark Souls III , and looks like a gateway to DLC for From Software's games.'

It's not just From Software's games that have been parodied, as another X user described the character as resembling an assassination target in Bethesda Softworks' stealth action-adventure game Dishonored .

Some people even made a movie in which the main character, Corvo, steals a portrait of King Charles.

And as is a staple of the gaming community, portraits have also appeared in 'DOOM.'

Gamers have also been gushing about King Charles' coronation in 2023, with comments such as, ' It's like I'm wearing this after 100 hours of XP farming ,' and 'All the coronation photos look like someone who regrets their faith build in ELDEN RING.'

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